Aging Misconceptions


What is Melatonin?
Melatonin is another of your body hormones which decreases rather dramatically as you age. One particular year-long study was done in a nursing home where men were given melatonin for a year; others were asked to evaluate these men in terms of what was their apparent age before and after the trial- the observed age dropped by 15 YEARS! Personally I have found melatonin to be very effective at removing and eliminating joint pain and stiffness.....

Another Fountain of Youth?
A number of years ago the newspapers were heralding melatonin as a possible Fountain of Youth when some of the animal results with melatonin became known... with mice it dramatically extended their lives with no obvious deterioration in quality of life... And you may have heard that and tried it back then without much success. Since it usually does not do too much when taken by itself, why am I suggesting you give it another try? Because when it is used in conjunction with HGH, DHEA and Zinc, the results seem to multiply. It is as if melatonin is a major player on your anti-aging basketball team- it can't win the game by itself, but it has an important role when used in conjunction with the other players. (A personal note: when I tried melatonin and zinc by themselves, nothing happened with my smell and taste, but when I finally started BOTH, my smell and taste capabilities rose dramatically- food now tastes much better and there are a lot of smells out there I was not noticing.)

Many Results on Mice
There have been decades of research on melatonin and mice. Among other experiments, they have transplanted pineal glands (the body's major producer of melatonin) from old mice to young mice and vice versa with amazing results. The old mice started to look younger and younger and the young mice started to look older and older. The old mice died much later than expected (up to 50% longer than typical life) and the young mice usually died much earlier than expected. Quality of life seemed excellent for the old mice almost until the very end.

Melatonin is probably available where you purchase your vitamins/minerals. (I know KMart and WalMart both have stocked it recently- my latest purchase cost about 10 cents (US) per day. I recommend a supplement of 2-3 mg/day. Side effects? None noted (in any tests known to me) even at dosages much higher than 2-3 mg daily.....

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