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The below educational articles are available to support your anti-aging efforts. Your most effective anti-aging afforts will be multi-faceted. Facets that will help you feel and look younger:

    1.Exercise more (it boosts pituitary output which is HGH that the body naturally produces).
    2. HGH supplements your body's levels of HGH)
    3.Reduce your load of toxins and this includes often-unknown-to-you food intolerances (read below).
    4.Read about "normal" aging as displayed by US culture (and decide to change the scenario- if you do not believe that "normal" way is for you, then you are well on the road to avoiding that increasingly decrepit path).
Exercise Is Vital for Anti-Aging
   Ignore Your Human Body, Suffer The Consequences
   Bodywork Therapy
   Be Your Own Bodyworker
   Human Touching And Being Touched
   Avoiding Toxins
   Couch Potato Benefits
   Psychological Reasons Why We Don't Exercise
   Fitness In 30 Minutes A Week?
   An Exercise Program For Those Who Hate To Exercise
   Awakening And Revitalizing The Human Bodily Senses

Food Allergies May Cause Premature Aging
   Is Mystery Meat Your Problem?
   Common Food Allergies
   What Test For Food Allergies?
   Doing The Testing Yourself
   Do-It-Yourself Allergy Testing
   Personal Example - Testing for Food Allergies

NIA Aging Articles
   Sexuality Later in Life
   Skin Care and Aging
   Aging and Alcohol Abuse
   Aging and Your Eyes
   Arthritis Advice
   Exercise and Aging
   Hearing and Older People
   Osteoporosis: The Bone Thief

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