Aging Misconceptions

Anti-Aging Psychology - HGH Helps You Manifest A Younger You
by licensed psychotherapist, Thayer White MA MFT

10 Misconceptions...
You must change any of the following 10 misconceptions if you wish to maximize your or your-relatives' later years:
False: 1. As you age, your mental functioning declines.
False: 2. As you get very old, senility is likely.
False: 3. Seniors sit around and do little.
False: 4. Old age is a time for being dependent again.
False: 5. Old people are alone and usually abandoned by family.
False: 6. Getting old is a problem instead of an opportunity.
False: 7. Personality is rigid by the time we are old.
False: 8. Old people are naturally depressed.
False: 9. The majority of old people are in nursing homes.
False: 10. Old people have a lot of medical problems.

Psychological Advice: Give up the above misconceptions and decide to value the WISDOM AND EXPERIENCE of the old, including your own. And also vitally important: KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

Don't You Want More Laughter & Happiness? ...
The biggest problems most of us have with aging (our own or others') are our attitudes and beliefs about it. Many such psychological ideas, beliefs, and attitudes can be changed rather easily if a bit of time be taken with them. Such effort is well worthwhile, for increased contentment, joy, laughter and happiness will result.

Is Aging With Ease & Grace Our Natural Heritage? ...
Do you believe that we get more and more medical problems as you age? In truth, most of us get our severest medical problems only in the last few months of life- witness the often-quoted statistic that about 50% of our LIFETIME medical care costs occur over the last six months of life. The medical problems of your pets give a good clue- their quality of life is usually quite good until the last 5-10% of life. This belief of yours about aging with grace is VERY important- please read more about You Get What You Believe In. If you believe in a significant deterioration-with-age theory, you are likely to manifest it for yourself. Is this what you desire? Or would you prefer to age easily and without so many medical complications?

Aging Statistics Confuse Us...
Most all statistics include the 50-60% of the population that are sedentary couch-potatoes. This is a segment of the population that ages fast and typically garners most of the "honors" for early onset diabetes as well as other significant medical problems long before their more-active more-exercised neighbors. If you are among those who are not exercising much at all, then this needs to be a major priority of yours, to get an at-least-moderate exercise program going in your life. It will probably do far more for you than any other life choice you can make.

Natural Aging...
It is useful to attempt to distinguish between what is NORMAL and what is NATURAL. Normal shows you what is happening now with the average person, our typical statistics. Natural shows you what MIGHT be possible if you got rid of poor psychological thinking/behaviors. This normal-natural question arises about most aging symptoms-is this symptom to be expected? Would you see this symptom in aboriginal people of your age? In other cultures? Or do we bring on these symptoms because we think they are what is to be expected? I remember at the age of 42 taking a simple eye test in the doctor's office; he was quite surprised that I still had 20-20 vision. He also expected that by that age I would be having to rise in the middle of the night to respond to the call of nature. No doubt he was thinking about what was NORMAL. But what is possible if I don't buy into those NORMAL beliefs? The idea that what is NORMAL will probably happen to you/me is a POOR psychological belief that is likely to attract such unhappy aging symptoms into our lives.

Affirmations to Help Change One's Apparent Age...
Saying 400 times a day an affirmation such as "I look 35" (when in reality I now look my real age of 45) will propel you to take actions that will cause you to look younger than 45. There are many other possibilities too: when your joints are stiff/sore, your affirmation becomes "My joints feel great and feel as if they were greased"; when you have a goal weight of 150# or a desired increased muscle mass- "I weigh 150# and my body looks like that photo" (of you or someone else)"; "My hair is as thick as that photo and is my original brown color"; "I have a lot of energy"; I have a lot of stamina"; etc. etc. etc. Please read more about affirmations; they are a great tool for changing your emotions, your aging body, and your thinking.

Our Strong (Oft-Unknown-To-Us) Fears...
When I say that aging brings up terror, I am NOT referring just to fear of death and/or dying; in fact, many use fear of death/dying as a smokescreen to hide underlying unresolved childhood issues of the "inner child". Our having to face our "loss in youthful attractiveness and appearance" triggers old childhood traumas of not being acceptable (i.e. our angry parts, our sexual parts, our hating words, our "ugliness", etc). For more about the nature of this type of trauma, please read this self help psychology book excerpt.

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