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Maximizing Your HGH Human
Growth Hormone Results

Why Try to Maximize?

So that your results will multiply!

A Vital Choice: Do you choose to maximize your antiaging results? or... Do you choose to find out what one product (vitamin/herb/supplement/or HGH product) will do for you by itself?
Without thinking, most people tend to do the latter, they add one item by itself and see what happens. But our bodies as they grow old might well be compared with our automobiles needing a tuneup. You certainly would not take your car into the shop when it was time for a tuneup and just ask your mechanic to change your air filter. A tuneup often requires several mechanical, electrical and fluid changes to restore smooth car functioning.

So too our bodies will respond much more to an overall effort. One change by itself (as with an air filter by itself) may not do what we desire and certainly will not MAXIMIZE our anti-aging efforts.

Still not convinced about a maximizing approach? Then please consider AIDS & Cancer. Current optimal treatments for these two accelerated-aging-like diseases are NOT one pill approaches but instead the optimal use of many tools and techniques.

What Are These Maximizing Choices?
Eight important maximizing choices (I recommend choosing all that are easily accomplished by you) that support and aid all your anti-aging efforts include:

  • 1. Daily take 2-3 mg of melatonin, 25mg of DHEA and 15+mg of Zinc. These three supplements are MAJOR HELPERS in the anti-aging process- you may have seen them touted in the past as miracle workers themselves, but individually by themselves, they are usually not that effective. But taken with HGH? Your results will multiply. Total cost for all three is about 30 cents(US) a day when purchased at Walmart.
  • 2. Modify some disastrous food eating patterns, especially between-meal behavior patterns.
  • 3. Voice Daily Affirmations (to get out of this society's aging mindset).
  • 4. Get regular at-least-moderately-aerobic exercise (your pituitary pumps out more HGH after exercise).
  • 5.Massage (vibrator regularly on specific body parts to promote more youthful blood circulation)
  • 6. B-vitamins (if physical growth is your concern)
  • 7. Gentle yoga for joint pain/stiffness. Yoga (as well as other types of exercise) also increases your body's supply of HGH.
  • 8. Other known-to-you aids for your particular aging symptoms.

The above are all low cost or no cost items that have been shown to help but individually are usually not that effective at reversing aging signs. Combine them together and... your anti-aging results can be multiplied! Don't settle for average results.

If you try for too many changes in your life at once, your attempts will last as long as most new year's resolutions. Give yourself a break and try for just the easy ones first...

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